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  • Sarah

    Thank you so much! This tutorial was very clear and I made these bows into fabulous necklaces, I made 3 other bows and used one for a card, another one for a hair clip and the last one was huge for a decoration on a Birthday.

    • ChrissyPk

      Thats awesome! Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it

  • Peggy

    Beautiful, simple like that, BEAUTIFUL !

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  • Eunice

    Hi, Long story short, I am a bridesmaid and the bride wanted our bouquets to be D-I-Y. So immediately I thought of origami since that’s my forte. She also said to make a boutonniere for my partner. I was having a hard time finding a cute origami boutonniere and I stumbled onto this one and I tried it and I fell in love! It’s super cute but classy. (I used gray origami paper with pearl stickers) Thank you for the diagram. If I like it my partner would too. I wish I could post a picture for you guys…:/

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  • Madeline Herpy

    I did it with an 8″ square from an 8.5*11
    it turned out great!
    So thankful for your video!

  • PaulineMarquez

    what is the size of your paper?

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  • Ruby

    I love this! A little bit hard at first, but the result is just awesome. Nice work!

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  • Bunny

    Just tried it, and once I figured out how to make the sink fold… well… sink, then the rest was a snap.

    I just found your site, and am in love! I googled ‘kawaii origami’ looking for presents to put in letters for my pen pals, and guess who came up?

    Also, I have a question. I keep seeing these really cute bunny envelopes that are origami and recloseable, and yet I can’t figure out how to make them. Google it and you’ll see some etsy listings selling them, but I want to make my own. Any ideas?

  • Elita

    I’m an intermedete folder and this was too easy for me. p.s try the stars!

    • PaperKawaii

      Please let me know which stars your talking about ^_^

      • Amy

        she might be talking about lucky stars, 3-d japanese origami wishing stars

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  • Brigette

    so KAWAII thanks for posting this

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  • Julia

    The bows are really sweet and easy! I’m planning on using it for library club jewlery

  • CréAriane

    I’ve reported about my origami experience today

    Thank you for the advice !

    • PaperKawaii

      Your welcome!
      It looks good! especially for a beginner!
      Thanks for linking back to me ✿
      Have a great day xxx

      • Amy

        i wanted to ask are these the bows on the necklace for necklace giveaway?

        • PaperKawaii – Chrissy

          Hey Amy, yes a variation of these..

  • CréAriane

    Origami ribbon bow is so cute !!!
    It’s worth trying it, did you try ???
    I find it difficult to understand all stages !

    • PaperKawaii

      I did make one for the origami hearts post:
      It is really cute and a really nice shape.
      What steps are you having trouble with? The first step after the folds is a sink fold, thats a bit tricky… the other steps involve a bit of cutting!
      Let me know, maybe I can help )

      • CréAriane

        Sink fold is surely tricky
        Since I’m origami beginner and Korean non-reader, it was somehow difficult for me to get started LOL
        I tried out of simple paper, and it worked !

      • Lynne

        I am a beginner, too and don’t know what a sink fold is. Is there any way to get written (in English) instructions?

        • PaperKawaii

          Hi, I have not seen an English translation.

          I found a video tutorial though:

        • wefa

          so amazing , thanks for the constructions