Origami Bow Tutorial

Origami Bow Tutorial | #origami #paperkawaii #diy #paperfolding #cute #kawaii

Make some really cute origami bows to decorate your gift wrapping or stick to hair clips and make your own hair bows! You can make these really small and cover them in clear nail polish to make origami jewellery! 😀


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Origami Bow Tutorial | #origami #paperkawaii #diy #paperfolding #cute #kawaii

Chrissy Pk

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Hi! I'm Chrissy and I run this website, I'm 28 and I live in Australia, with my husband and daughter. I've been blogging here since 2009 and I try to post about once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. My day job is graphic designer & web developer. Other things about me: I love sci-fi series and films 👽, vampire themed dramas 👻, Japanese anime, Korean dramas and K-pop. I have 2 pet bunnies 🐰, my favourite food is strawberries 🍓, I'm vegan 💚 and love the beach 🌊. I also love painting with acrylics, needle felting 💕 and crocheting cute amigurumis. 🎨

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  • Sarah

    Thank you so much! This tutorial was very clear and I made these bows into fabulous necklaces, I made 3 other bows and used one for a card, another one for a hair clip and the last one was huge for a decoration on a Birthday.

    • ChrissyPk

      Thats awesome! Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it 😀

  • Peggy

    Beautiful, simple like that, BEAUTIFUL !

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  • http://eraposas.wordpress.com Eunice

    Hi, :) Long story short, I am a bridesmaid and the bride wanted our bouquets to be D-I-Y. So immediately I thought of origami since that’s my forte. She also said to make a boutonniere for my partner. I was having a hard time finding a cute origami boutonniere and I stumbled onto this one and I tried it and I fell in love! It’s super cute but classy. (I used gray origami paper with pearl stickers) Thank you for the diagram. 😉 If I like it my partner would too. 😀 I wish I could post a picture for you guys…:/

  • http://www.facebook.com/madeline.herpy Madeline Herpy

    I did it with an 8″ square from an 8.5*11
    it turned out great!
    So thankful for your video!

  • PaulineMarquez

    what is the size of your paper?

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  • http://iheartduke.blogspot.com Ruby

    I love this! A little bit hard at first, but the result is just awesome. :) Nice work!

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  • http://frillyandpink.blogspot.com Bunny

    Just tried it, and once I figured out how to make the sink fold… well… sink, then the rest was a snap.

    I just found your site, and am in love! I googled ‘kawaii origami’ looking for presents to put in letters for my pen pals, and guess who came up?

    Also, I have a question. I keep seeing these really cute bunny envelopes that are origami and recloseable, and yet I can’t figure out how to make them. Google it and you’ll see some etsy listings selling them, but I want to make my own. Any ideas?

  • Elita

    I’m an intermedete folder and this was too easy for me. p.s try the stars!

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii

      Please let me know which stars your talking about ^_^

      • Amy

        she might be talking about lucky stars, 3-d japanese origami wishing stars

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  • Brigette

    so KAWAII thanks for posting this

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  • Julia

    The bows are really sweet and easy! I’m planning on using it for library club jewlery

  • http://creariane.blogs.marieclaireidees.com/ CréAriane

    I’ve reported about my origami experience today 😉

    Thank you for the advice !

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii

      Your welcome!
      It looks good! especially for a beginner!
      Thanks for linking back to me ✿
      Have a great day xxx

      • Amy

        i wanted to ask are these the bows on the necklace for necklace giveaway?

        • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii – Chrissy

          Hey Amy, yes a variation of these.. :)

  • http://creariane.blogs.marieclaireidees.com/ CréAriane

    Origami ribbon bow is so cute !!!
    It’s worth trying it, did you try ???
    I find it difficult to understand all stages !

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii

      I did make one for the origami hearts post: http://www.paperkawaii.com/2011/02/12/heart-origami/
      It is really cute and a really nice shape.
      What steps are you having trouble with? The first step after the folds is a sink fold, thats a bit tricky… the other steps involve a bit of cutting!
      Let me know, maybe I can help :o)

      • http://creariane.blogs.marieclaireidees.com/ CréAriane

        Sink fold is surely tricky 😉
        Since I’m origami beginner and Korean non-reader, it was somehow difficult for me to get started LOL
        I tried out of simple paper, and it worked !

      • Lynne

        I am a beginner, too and don’t know what a sink fold is. Is there any way to get written (in English) instructions?

        • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii

          Hi, I have not seen an English translation.

          I found a video tutorial though:

        • wefa

          so amazing , thanks for the constructions

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