Video Tutorial – Origami Bunny Rabbit Envelopes

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Learn how to make these quick and simple origami bunny rabbit envelopes, just in time for Easter!

So sorry about the shaky camera.. the desk is not sturdy enough for the camera!

This is a nice and simple origami envelope, with a cute bunny rabbit design.

You can find the diagram for this model here:

Perfect for putting in Easter cards!

Bunny envelopes version 2:

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  • Elena says:

    SO CUTE!!!!!!

  • JuliaChen says:

    It was a lovely video and the two colored paper helped me to see what was happening. However, in your next video could you please prevent turning the paper  when you fold? (like if the point is facing you, don’t turn it upwards?). 3:40 -3:50 was a bit hard to see because of that. Thank you

    •  @JuliaChen You’re welcome, thanks for the feedback!
      I did the video in a hurry, I also had the camera balancing on some books as had no tripod that day, hence the shaking camera!!!  I may even re-make this video as it is not as good as the others.

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