There aren’t many tamagotchi crafts out there on the web…

Ok, I love Tamagotchi’s! My daughter loves them too, and she’s been watching the new movie non stop for 3 weeks… There aren’t many tamagotchi crafts out there on the web…

I think their really cute, I couldn’t find any origami tamagotchi characters out there, so I thought I’d make my own…

I have only done the Mametchi tutorial so far. I thought I’d see if anyone wanted one for the others before I bother…

The Head:

[nggallery id=6]

The head is based on this diagram:

origami rabbit head

from Origami Resource Center

The Body:

[nggallery id=7]

The body is from this diagram:

Obviously, you can use the same for the pink one, but the other 2 are different….

If anyone is interested, I will do one for the green and orange one, but someone already unsubscribed…! Is Tamagotchi super un-cool??? 

Some cute pictures: