Paper Snowflakes!

snowflake mobile 490x432
image from pottery barn

I saw the image above and really wanted to make some! 

But I couldn’t remember how!

I found a really useful tutorial on how to prepare the paper for cutting at

ft snowflake07 xl

View the tutorial here

Printout snowflake shapes!

Snowflake 01  Snowflake 02

Snowflake 03  Snowflake 04

Snowflake 05  Snowflake 06


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from  (there are more on her website)

I would like to make one like this:

Its so cute ^_^
Happy Chopping!
IMG 1573 copy

Sent in by bitten by the baking bug, thanks! simple smile

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  • dudaheartjonato

    Oh my God, it’s so cute. I gonna do this to put on my room.

  • beth

    Love your snowflake hanging idea, but what did you use as the wire circle hanger? And did you hang them with fishing line or just a white thread?
    Thanks for sharing and have a great holiday.

    • PaperKawaii – Chrissy

      Hi Beth, actually, that is an image from a catalogue that I found inspiring, I didn’t make it…!
      I think the snowflakes have also been make out of plastic or perspecs, I have been having trouble hanging the clouds I’ve been making, but currently found clear plastic fishing line the best so far…and I am also ordering some metal circles from ebay!

  • Ngan

    This is sooo cool and pretty!! :)

    • PaperKawaii – Chrissy

      Thanks! I totally got zoned out looking at your blog! :)

  • Maria Williard

    Thanks, I’ve been learning origami the past couple of years & you have great ideas. I really enjoy everything you post. I just ohhh & ahhh when I visit your site! Have a wonderful Christmas.

    • PaperKawaii – Chrissy

      Thanks Maria! Thats my intention when I write my posts ^_^