3D Cloud Decoration Tutorial

8 570x387

Step 1: You need: Scissors, scalpel/cutting knife, cutting board, ruler, hole making spiky thing, really stiff thick card (for the stencil) a bunch of thinner white card (mine is A4 160GSM), needle and white or transparent thread… or wool..

Step 2: You will need to draw a cloud shape on the thick card and cut it out with the cutting knife.

Step 3: Fold 2 white A4 cards in half

Step 4: Draw around the stencil and cut the clouds out with the scissors.. (or the knife, depends on your card) I would use Very thick card for this…

Step 5: Use 3 of the 4 clouds and use a clip to keep them aligned.

Step 6: Use a ruler and the sharp pointy thing to make a straight vertical line of holes down the center (I didn’t go all the way..)

Step 7: Sew the holes

Step 8: Now you can unfold the cloud.. and attach some more thread to hang it with.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, let me know if something doesn’t make sense… and I will feature any pics you send in, here with a link to your site 😀

Some new ones I made:

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