Origami Base Folds for Beginners

Origami Base Folds for Beginners via @paper_kawaii

12 Origami Base folds

If you’re only just starting out in Origami, or if you would like to start creating your own original models and become an origami master (hah!), it will help to get up to scratch with these 12 Origami Base folds.

Origami base folds are the foundation of your origami projects, it helps to get these traditional folds right, your origami creation will turn out better folded and sturdier!

To watch the video tutorials in a nifty playlist, which plays through all 12 of the base folds, click here, or watch below.

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Sen yo
Sen yo
6 years ago

Hi Chrissy, the origami box with lid was awesome to make and thanks soooooo much !!!! And just telling though me too kpop and kdrama fan!!!!
I just thought that I like this blog because of that !!! No offends,just telling cause I am kpop crazy!!!

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