Origami Egg Box Tutorial

Origami Egg Box Tutorial via @paper_kawaii
Origami Egg Box Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

A beautiful modular origami easter egg box tutorial, made from 6 pieces of square paper, difficulty is easy-medium. So cute for Easter.

Well it could be any time of year, but this makes a great egg box, made from 6 pieces of square paper, you could even make one with 12 sections.

Difficulty: Medium / Intermediate

Designer: Modification unknown.

You will need:

6 x square paper

12.5 x 12.5 – Small egg size
15cm x 15cm – Real egg size
21 x 21 cm (A4/printer paper cut to square) – Big size (Easter eggs!)
30 x 30 cm – Humungous size..

Thicker paper of one colour works best, the paper used in the photos is a thick, letter writing paper that I have had for years.. the yellow is standard origami paper.

Glue if you want a sturdy box, you will need it if you plan on picking up the box with the eggs in it.

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9 months ago

where can we get the thick and /or square paper (online shopping )

Suzy Green
Suzy Green
8 years ago

What kind of paper and size paper do you recommend? I like your instructional video.

Whitney Lauren
Whitney Lauren
8 years ago

Super kawaii I love it! Cadbury mini eggs would look beyond cute! Thank you :3

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