Origami Hello Kitty Bow Video Tutorial

Origami Hello Kitty Bow Video Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

This easy origami bow is perfect to decorate your origami hello kitty or other crafts, gift wrap and cute craft projects. This is a pretty easy model.

The bow goes with the Hello Kitty origami model, you can find that tutorial here.

Level: ★★☆☆☆

You will need:

1 Square piece of paper cut in half.

Use either solid colour paper or two sided paper.
I used solid colour 20 x 10 cm

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3 years ago

I like the tutorial. As an idea you could have an add on that take sthe corner pieces and turns them into reverse folds for a cleaner version.

8 years ago

Aww, so cute and not so difficult. I will fold this bow on my way to work today. Thank you kindly.

Hotaru Buny
Hotaru Buny
8 years ago

Thank you !! love it …. hello kitty is my favorite charcter !

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