Origami Hello Kitty Video Tutorial

origami hello kitty tutorial paper kawaii 01

Learn how to fold a cute origami Hello Kitty from two pieces of paper. This beginner level origami will make a kawaii gift for your friends.

Level: ★★☆☆☆

You will need:

  • 1 Square of red & white sided paper
  • 1 Square piece of white paper-
  • Black and pink pens.
  • Glue.

I used:
13cm x 13cm white
15cm x 15cm red & white.

To work out what size your white paper should be, take the measurement of your red and white paper and divide it by 7.5.
The result is how much needs to be cut off the top and side.

For example: 21cm (square) paper: 21 ÷ 7.5 = 2.8… So cut 2.8cm off the top and 1 side.

origami hello kitty tutorial paper kawaii 02

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1 year ago

I love oragarmi it is very nice and peaceful

Suzanne O.
Suzanne O.
8 years ago

I made one to send to my granddaughter! She is a great hello kitty fan! Thanks so much!

1 year ago
Reply to  Suzanne O.

Same but my teacher likes them and how on earth I did it

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