Paper Weaved Valentines Heart Tutorial

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Here we go:

To make the Valentine holders, you will need two pieces of different colored paper.

Woven Paper Valentine Hearts - 1

I used two jumbo 12 x18″ sheets, but it also works with regular sheets – you will just get a smaller heart.

Woven Paper Valentine Hearts - 2

Fold each paper in half.

Woven Paper Valentine Hearts - 3

Cut the folded paper in half.

Woven Paper Valentine Hearts - 4

On the unfolded side, cut to round the tops – these will become the top of the heart.
Woven Paper Valentine Hearts - 5

On the folded side cut your strips for weaving. I used 4 strips and that seemed to be a manageable amount for 2 graders. Each strip was 1 1/2″ and I cut up the piece 6 1/2″. Whatever size paper you are using, when cutting the length of the strips be sure to leave a little bit of wiggle room because you will need it to weave in the final strip.

Woven Paper Valentine Hearts - 6

To begin weaving, hold each paper, folded side down, at a 90 degree angle.

Woven Paper Valentine Hearts - 7

Starting with the upper strip, begin weaving through the strips. Just remember “through”.

Woven Paper Valentine Hearts - 8

Once you are you are ready to weave your final strip, make sure that all of the other woven strips are pushed upwards because you are going to need the “wiggle room” you allowed for when cutting the strips.

Woven Paper Valentine Hearts - 9

Once the final strip is woven, push all of the woven strips down – it just looks better.

Woven Paper Valentine Hearts - 10

The final check – open the heart. If you did it right, your should have a pocket.

The last step is to add a handle. You can cut a strip of paper for the handle, or use some string. I found some cute heart brads, so we attached our handles with those.

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