Video Tutorial – Origami Hexagonal Gift Box


Origami Hexagonal Gift Box (Non Modular)


The cute Rilakkuma stickers were sent to me by

They also sent me a cute Japanese style doll fineliner pen, 2 pink Sticker glitter craft pens, a red art mechanical pencil, and a pink gel neon highlighter to try out.
My favourite is the neon highlighter, it goes on quite rough, and then you can use your fingers to soften it out, it looks pretty bright!

Please make sure the annotations are turned on.

This hexagonal gift box is perfect as a gift box.

You will need:

  • 2 x A4 paper
  • paper clip
  • bull-dog clip or small paper clip
  • Ruler and knife or scissors.

I tried my best to show you how to squash down the inside of the box and then the outside of the lid, but as you can (or can’t) see, its a bit of a fiddle!
Just keep trying, make sure the folds are pretty precise and eventually you can just push it down and it will fall into place.

I wouldn’t say it is advanced, I find the modular boxes a lot harder, more complicated and honestly, kind of ugly. 🙂


Origami Hexagonal Gift Box (Non Modular)

Please check out two alternative lids for this box and more detailed view of the squash folds:

Alternative Lids for Hexagonal Origami Box

alternative lids for hexagonal origami box

Original post including diagram:

Hexagonal Origami Gift Box

hexagonal origami gift box


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53 thoughts on “Video Tutorial – Origami Hexagonal Gift Box”

  1. Hi what are the dimensions of an A4 paper? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Grace says:

    Can this definitely be made using a square piece of paper? I made one with an A4 sheet and worked out perfect, but just trying to make one from a square piece and I cant get the bottom of the base to work 🙁 ? Helppppp please hehe

    1. ChrissyPk says:

      Oh sorry, I’m pretty sure I made one from a square, but it was a tall one, maybe it’s too small, making it tricky? :X

      1. Grace says:

        Thanks I’ll try with a bigger piece of square paper and see how it goes 🙂

  3. Nanami says:

    This is so cute! And I also love the stickers that you used for this tutorial! I’ve already made 3 of the hexagonal boxes 🙂
    I also really like the song that was used for most of this video though I don’t know the name of it is….. could you tell what the song is called?

  4. iqbal says:

    i want to make it larger!!! so,what size of paper needed to make your tutorial you showed a small figure of it.

    1. You can use any size paper, you could start with A3 paper, which is double the size of A4 paper. Generally work with rectangular paper, square paper will make a very tall box! 🙂

  5. Hannah says:

    I just have to share these really cute stickers from tofucute, just look at the alpaca ones! *-*
    Also, i really love your tutorials, keep up the god work!! 🙂

  6. Creetie Jazz says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial…….. 🙂

  7. i have difficulities in the squashing part :'(

  8. Juhee Park says:

    Yay~! I’m so happy!! Haha this is so adorable~ I was able to do the squashy thing, (although it took an hour of poking the paper in different ways). xD Thank you^^

  9. Anne says:

    I was wondering, if you used A4 paper, what are the dimensions of the box at the end? I have abnormally large muffins that I’d love to put into these boxes as a gift. LOL

    1. Nathan says:

      the circumfrance is 16 cm and the height is like 7-8 cm

  10. aniahra says:

    waa. I can’t do inside. 🙁 the SQUASHING. 

    1. aniahra says:

      I mean *the inside part. 

  11. DJazzy12 says:

    i really love this its sooo cute but im havin a hard time with the squashing part if its not to much trouble could u make a mini vid explaining tht part more.

    1. paperkawaii1 says:

       @DJazzy12 did you try watching the video here: alternative-lids-for-hexagonal-origami-box

    2. paperkawaii1 says:

       @DJazzy12 did you try watching the video here:

  12. ElodieGressel says:

    I’ve just tried this box following your instructions ! I faced problems as my paper is too thick for this kind of folds, but I almost succeeded .

    1. You can use card, like the models that are displayed at the beginning and end are card, just takes practice 🙂 You’re fingers hurt after a while too lol.

  13. jkapich says:

    I was wondering what kind of paper you use and where ot get it? I don’t understand what “A4” means. What are the measurements in inches or centimeters?

    1.  @jkapich A4 is 297 x 210 mm11.7 x 8.3 in
      You don’t have to use A4, just US letter paper, or even square, you will end up with a taller box 🙂
      The type of paper I used was double sided paper, you can buy it online but it’s hard to find, you don’t need it for this model, I only used it as it’s easier to see what I’m doing.

      1. Nathan says:

        Hey I love this box I think it is amazing and the stickers are really nice to. I have Found the rilakkuma stickers on adn I have normal coloured paper making the boxes. but I didnt realise you use double sided paper. I know its not required but when I see a tutorial I must have exactly what has been used in it. so could oyu leave the website where you found that double sided paper if you sould that would be great. thanks c: – Also if this was your idea this is amazing.

        1. I bought one years ago, it is by Chiltern Wove, called ‘2 colour paper pad’. They no longer sell it, but you may be able to find something very similar, I have also one from ‘Reno’.

          I am not sure if this website is legit. You can search for ‘Reno 2 colour paper pad’ on your ebay or amazon, maybe in your country there will be something.
          If not you can buy 2 sided Square paper. you will get a longer box…

          I used 2 sided paper as it is better for seeing the creases etc… But another option is for you to use a coloured paper, that is white on one side, you can usually find these in art shops, sold by the sheet. In the end you will need to use thicker paper though…

          Hope that helps. I am planning to re-do the tutorial soon. I have had so many bad comments and people who cannot see what I’m doing…

          1. Nathan says:

            Aww thank you so much I the paper in the 1st link was really good so i ordered a pack of that but then i ordered some paper on ebay and it lets you choose the shades of colours you want and make a pack of paper for your self. Thankyou. I could never do squash folds or pleats I think those are my worst to folds so making this box was literally impossible. especially the lid. but after 17 attempts I finally got the hang of it. I went on to mypencilcase is thats a fantastic website I got some glitterpens and some rillakuma stickers to go on my boxes and hopefully sell them suring summer break. My 3 step nephews came over during easter break and i made some for them and fulled them full of easter eggs. and they loved the boxes. I noticed your really good at making videos as well really nice presentation+music in the back ground while im making these. You mentioned remaking the tutorial. I think what people dont get is the lid thats what i spent most time working on. maybe if you added animations in the top corner explaining what to do would be good. Look up jonakashima on youtube and click his recent origami videos they show paper animations in the top corner just incase at one point you cant see what hes doing. I love these boxes and I hope i see more designs c: glad to see your still active I looked at recent comments and it seemed like the last time some one went on the site was like last year :L Thanks you amazing work c: wow i write alot -.-“

          2. Joy says:

            Hey Nathan, I’m looking for that double sided colored paper, too.. So I was wondering how you found that paper on eBay or what did you search to find that paper? Maybe give me a link :D? Haha thanks~
            It’d be nice to make these boxes with some pretty paper^^

          3. Nathan says:

            Hmm Tha double sided paper is difficult to find though this is the link crissy gave me for A4 double sided paper that comes from an australian website thats all I have now the paper im using normally is from eBay its not double sided but search for coloured paper and it should be one of the top results “50 or 100 sheets of any colour” basically a selection of colours you can pick of your choice. or hobby craft do really specific paper colours though are 35p each (0.50 dollars) and the other double sided paper website you can try out is Papercutz there not a store its a website that they specialise with paper so you can email them or ring them and ask them information about where the best place is to get double sided paper Im still waiting for my reply to day so ill forward on any thing i recived from then later on today. hope this helps c:

          4. Joy says:

            Oh yay, I’ll try looking on those~ Thank you, and I’ll also let you know if I find anything new, too^^

          5. Nathan says:

            You’re Welcome and okay let me know thanks c: I’ve been. Searching a for a while now and the company reno are the only people who sell a4 double sided paper plently of other companys do double sided square paper but these are mostly american sites and what I’ve heard is americans don’t use a4 paper like the europeans. I don’t think reno has a website I haven’t checked but I will now and comment in the morning. I’m. Ordering lots of this just incase it goes out of stoke for some reason and then there won’t be any more in exsistance c:

          6. Nathan says:

            By the ay you cant order this product if you live outside austalia the website will not be able to send it to your adress so my step mum is getting her sister to buy it then post it to us. If this happens to you to and you cant find other paper either Ill buy extra and put it on ebay and tell you the user name to buy it from and then yeah c:

        2. Thanks for replying! Not that many people leave comments and hardly anyone replies back, so it’s nice to know that someone appreciates 🙂
          Yes, I think a diagram, that goes with the video would be good, however the squash fold, and the whole diagram are usually in japanese…! I found the model hard to make from the diagram I had, and maybe tried as many times as you, hence the vid.
          I do have plans, but currently shifting through different crafts.. I will get my fold back soon I think. 😀

          1. Nathan says:

            I know I hate that when I look at origami channels on youtube and I reply and ask for advice and like I sit there waiting for years with out a reply. so fustrating. I looked at your about me page and it said your daughter liked to destroy your creations xD? :[ how sweet c: and if you dont mind could you make another tutrial on lids i cant get the little hexagon shape on the top to look right any more. I did it once but now its just like failed again. Oh im just wondering about the glitter pens and rilakkuma stickers. are they any good? I just spent 40-50 dollars / 20-30 pounds on equipment for my origami boxes

        3. 🙂 You can have a look at the 2nd vid I did, which had a star version for the lid, it is linked under the vido on youtube… I’m sure you saw. Also the diagram for the whole thing is linked here:

          The stickers are nice!
          Yes, my daughter is 4, she used to squash most of the stuff, but now she keeps it or we donate it to charity shops! If I kept it all I’d be wading through it!

          1. Nathan says:

            Yeah I did the star one was impossible for me I tried that 7 times but gave up -.- I would post you the results of my succsessful one but i dont know how :c Ill keep trying the star one though. could you recommend some colour combinations i could use c:? hehe. btw what other things are there you make that is uite similar to this model or do you only specialise in this type of thing?

          2. Nathan says:

            Just to let you know i bought paper and rilakkuma stickers that are amazing though what brand coloured paper do you use in the video? not the double sided stuff thanks c:

        4. Hi Nathan, the thicker paper is sold in individual sheets in most art/craft stores… I have no idea what brand 😛

          1. Nathan says:

            Thank you I got some paper on ebay. I went to hobby carft and the pper there was 0.67p per sheet basically 1 dollar -.- thank yo any way c: by the way how do those glitter pens work :s

          2. Nathan says:

            I also forgot to mention in your video what sort of camera set up do you use and like how do you mke and upload your videos? movie maker ect… Im just using my camera video on my laptop. not very good. and was wondering what sort of camera people like you use c: thanks.

          3. at the time I was using the Canon 550 D. But it really is no good for tutorials, it is heavy, has no auto focus and switches off without warning.
            I am saving up to get a decent sony or panasonic flip screen camera, they are about $400 AUD though.
            I use adobe premier cs6 to edit the vids, although the mac comes with imovie which is a lot simpler to use.
            I have not heard of a good free editing software for PC… movie maker I have heard is a bit too basic.
            Some people use their iphones for vids although you still need to stick it on something.
            The glitter pens are basically just glitter glue that dries… 🙂

          4. Nathan says:

            People say they use tri pods and stuff.. and my friend uses movie make but when i saw it i think it was actually to complicated for what it actually is. thank you any way. My glitter glue pens came and they where so small compared to what i thought they would be :c. thank you

          5. Nathan says:

            also does adobe cs6 cost money?

          6. Nathan says:

            Hey Crissy been doing research on good cameras (camcorders) past couple of days and I researched yours and it seemed really good 18 mega pixels and what ever but it said Canon EOS 550D not just the 550D. any way I came across some other research and Panasonic is probably the number 1 brand for Cam corders. especially panasonics V series if your still looking theres Panasonic HC-V210 and HC-V500 and HC-520 and HC-V700 and HC-V720 the higher the number the more expensive it is for example HC-V210 is cheaper than the HC-500 though the quality and expectations is higher for you more expensive ones. I found these camcorders best value for money. I hope this helps you. and please could you reply to my other comments to c: thank you

          7. Cool, yes I’d love to get a panasonic. I need something light and small as its tricky to have the tripod, like, above my hands, in the way.
            I’m planning to re do the hexagonal box video and the ring box one as that has had the most requests.
            I’ve managed to stick my iphone on a lamp… it will be ok for now!

            Adobe cs6 is a lot yes, not sure maybe $500…

            I just downloaded imovie for the iphone which means I can film it and send straight to youtube.


          8. Nathan says:

            well im only 13 so I cant really aford 500 dollars worth of video editing equipment. I just need to ask you a few more questions c: how many megapixels is your canon camera and how much was it when you bought it. I got my camcorder and it was a sony HDR-CX190 I dont think its that great to be honest it was originally abut 400 dollars ands its now 150 dollars ( btw im in the uk and we use pounds this is just an estimated guess of how muc it cost in dollars) my camera sits on the table i use on the right of me and its a 5.3 still image mega pixel camera with 1.9 megapixel video recording. it looks great on the camcorder but when i uploaded it on to my documents the pictures where grainy when you zoomed up on it (digital) it says 1080p video recording but when i play it back the standerd of quality is more like 480p at most. I dont know if this can be changed when you actually load it up on youtube because theres a button saying change quality 320p 480p 720p hd 1080p hd. the cameras i looked at were not tht great could you recomend to me some cameras you think are worth looking at that would be great thanks c: sorry if i write alot its just that our like the only person i can talk to with expierence on this. I tried other people and wrote books and books and i got 1 word replys -.- thank you c:

          9. Hah, are you really only 13? -_^

            I am from the UK originally.


            This page has a lot of cameras on it, the ‘full HD’ ones are the ones you need. I would say the price should be 200 – 400 pounds for a good one.

            This panasonic which is cheap, could be fine:


            Maybe go into a camera shop (with an older person!) and get them to suggest the best for what you need.

            When you are filming, make sure the area is very bright. If you can put the camera onto ‘auto’ everything, and do a few tests to see what brightness works best. Grainyness is caused by there not being enough light.

            If you are using windows moviemaker, check the settings when you export or save the movie, the settings should be high quality.. but I have never used that program..

          10. Nathan says:

            Hey crissy again this was a reply to your latest message though I couldn’t click the button it was hidding from me so yeah I’m only 13 :s I wemnt to get a camera with my dad and he said that some thing only worth 100 pounds was needed. So I got the samera I have now and its not great the lcd pictures on. The screen are much more clearer than the uploaded ones and even so I took pictures of things in the light and it was just to grainy the video quality is actually better than the still image quality ill need to find a new camera c; movie maker does deffently not like my computer it can process fast enough. Can you get an I movie app on the ipad? Btw I looked up your cacnon 550 even though it was completely massive wasn’t it still a good camera I mean if its cheap then I can use one of them 😀 not trying to copy or anything just trying to get the best quality stuff so I don’t have to many bad comments on quality when I do. Do youtube video thanks for the help btw

          11. Nathan says:

            people can ask me quesions if you would like some help/information im always on and will reply i might not be as useful though c:

          12. Nathan says:

            hey again been a while “well i think” since ive said any thing i noticed when looking through i couldnt find any of the rilakkuma stickers that are shwon in the video at 16:17-16:21 there a different pattern to the one in the link like you get pink bunnies ect… instead of the normal brown and white ones you used in the demo if you could please leave a link c:

          13. Nathan says:

            Thanks for the link but i think i worded it incorrectly i ment like i have those stickers but where did you get your other ones from like i think i saw a rilakkuma sticker where its eye was blinking on top of a muchroom

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