The cute Rilakkuma stickers were sent to me by

They also sent me a cute Japanese style doll fineliner pen, 2 pink Sticker glitter craft pens, a red art mechanical pencil, and a pink gel neon highlighter to try out.
My favourite is the neon highlighter, it goes on quite rough, and then you can use your fingers to soften it out, it looks pretty bright!

Please make sure the annotations are turned on.

This hexagonal gift box is perfect as a gift box.

You will need:

  • 2 x A4 paper
  • paper clip
  • bull-dog clip or small paper clip
  • Ruler and knife or scissors.

I tried my best to show you how to squash down the inside of the box and then the outside of the lid, but as you can (or can’t) see, its a bit of a fiddle!
Just keep trying, make sure the folds are pretty precise and eventually you can just push it down and it will fall into place.

I wouldn’t say it is advanced, I find the modular boxes a lot harder, more complicated and honestly, kind of ugly. 🙂


Please check out two alternative lids for this box and more detailed view of the squash folds:

Video Tutorial - Origami Hexagonal Gift Box via @paper_kawaii

alternative lids for hexagonal origami box

Original post including diagram:

Video Tutorial - Origami Hexagonal Gift Box via @paper_kawaii

hexagonal origami gift box