Origami Totoro Tutorial & Free Printable Paper


Learn how to fold a super kawaii origami Totoro! Download 2 free printable origami papers or draw on your own face 🙂

Scroll down to the end of the post to download the free origami paper!

Level: ★★★☆☆

You will need:

1 Square piece of paper.

I used 19.2 x 19.2 cm

Finished size: 8 x 10 cm (standing)

Buy some cute Totoro Origami Paper!

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23 thoughts on “Origami Totoro Tutorial & Free Printable Paper”

  1. Cindy says:

    We love Totoro!!!! plz give us the free printable!

  2. Jo says:

    I can’t download even after sharing 🙁

  3. marry says:

    donde lo puedo descargar?

  4. Sarah Wilson says:

    Hi there, we would love to try this but can not find the paper to print. Please help! Thank you 🙂

  5. cecelia says:

    I couldn’t see the download link even after I shared. Could u email the paper to me?

  6. élodie says:

    Hi !
    I can’t download it !

    1. Chrissy Pk says:

      You can download the paper underneath the last image of totoro, there is a box to share the post 🙂

  7. mariana says:

    hi dear there is no paper to download!
    Kisses from Uruguay!

    1. Meleniemoo says:

      I just downloaded them, you have to share the post.. under the last image of totoro. theres an X there too I guess you don’t HAVE to share it to download them ! 🙂

  8. Cha says:

    I can’t get the paper. 🙁
    Could you email it??

    1. Cha says:

      Awesomely AMAZING!!!
      Thanks Chrissy!

  9. aurelie says:

    I want to do a Totoro origami, but I don’t upload the paper 🙁
    can you send me the paper wiht email ,please?!
    thank veru much :):)

  10. Bluettine Defrasne says:

    Thank you very much

  11. Leidy Usagi Moreno says:

    So Cute! Thanks for sharing , im going to do it right now 😀

  12. Kathleen Jessie-Nevarez says:

    Super cool!!! My daughter will love this.

  13. Clair Waffle Jones says:

    I am also not getting the download link, I shared on Facebook and Pinterest :’c

  14. Shine Favila says:

    Thank you.. its so adorable.

  15. Chong Chu Lik says:

    I’m already shared to google and facebook, but where/how to download?

    1. If you already shared, you should see the links to download underneath the photos of totoro, if not, try them again. it may not have gone through. If you can’t get it, you can email on my contact page, I will send it to you 🙂

  16. Micromonster says:

    I can’t download it, I already shared it on Facebook!

    1. ChrissyPk says:

      Thanks for sharing! I have turned the liking system off for now as it’s not working for some people, so you should now see the links there. Sorry for the hassle..! XD

  17. alviolinist says:

    I have shared it on twitter but why I can’t download the free paper?

    1. ChrissyPk says:

      I’m sorry to hear that, did you try refreshing the page or maybe liking with Facebook? I could email them to you if you like? 🙂

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