Halloween Printable Origami Paper

cute halloween origami paper crystal 03

Make your Halloween paper craft and origami projects extra spooky with this Halloween printable. This cute pattern includes cats, bats, pumpkins and moons in a random arrangement.

The paper is available for free or $1 for the higher quality PDF.

I think this printable origami paper looks great with simple models like the simple Masu box and the traditional square bowl, would make a great Halloween candy bowl. It comes in 7 different colour variations in inverted as well.

You can print out this paper here.

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4 years ago


♔ Warrior of Dream
♔ Warrior of Dream
7 years ago

Love the paper! so cute and adorable! sadly my printed would make literally shit of it and it would looks so wet and blurry, but I still love it! hope some ppl will purchase i from you ;3

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