I hope you enjoy these 10 free printable rabbit origami papers!

Over at Paper Crystal, I have posted 10 free printable rabbit origami papers with cute little hoppy bunny rabbits and cherry blossom patterns on them, the colours available are blue, purple, pink, yellow and green in bright and muted colours.

All of the printable origami paper on papercrystal.com can be downloaded for free.

I drew these little bunnies myself and turned them into vectors using Adobe Illustrator, and the same for the little sakura flowers. There is also a gradient version of this available here.

I thought these would be nice to make easter origami like boxes and even origami bunnies like the photo below, I hope you like them, please help me to get my new website, Paper Crystal off the ground, by liking it’s new Facebook page, here.  I have set it up in order to post free printable origami paper and other printable stuff.

If you like these paper, check out PaperCrystal.com – there are lots more free printable origami papers to choose from, there are also high quality PDFs that are $1 each.
You can even get all of the origami printables (and future origami printables) for just $10.

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