How To Make An Origami Cherry Blossom Tree With Willow Branches

Cherry blossom tree 02

Learn how to make this beautiful DIY display using willow branches and origami cherry blossoms, download the diagram, watch the video tutorial.

You’ll need:

how to make a diy cherry blossom tree from willow branches
  • paper
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • paper twine (or twist up some dark paper)
  • glue (hot glue or PVA will do)
  • paper fasteners
  • little pliers (any kind)
  • branches (I bought mine at a local florist for $15 but you could just find some if you have trees in your area!)

The Diagram

download the diagrams I used to make the cherry blossoms 

Extra Instructions

Use paper that is 3 x 3 inches to start, I then used paper that was a bit smaller to vary the size of the flowers.

When your making such small origami, use tweezers to hold and fold, especially this fold:

Extra instructions

To attach the blossoms onto the blossoms, you could simply use a hot glue gun, or if desperate, sticky tape.

I instead stuck paper fasteners to the backs of the flowers and used pliers to gently squeeze them onto the branches, I can then reposition them pretty easily without breaking the willow branches.

I also hung some origami cranes from the branches using fishing line, you can view my post on a variety of origami cranes here.

To make the blossoms a bit neater I used the glue to stick the folds on the back down, and also instead of cutting and then folding in between the petals, I just cut out where I wanted there to be a gap.

For the little blossom buds, I used the paper twine and glued the buds onto the ends, and then glued them to the branches.

I used big rocks I got from the beach to weigh down the vase that I used, this could also be attached to the wall at a more horizontal angle.

Video Tutorial

I used 6×6 inch paper in the video tutorial, I would suggest using 3 x 3 inch paper for your tree.

I also remade the pentagon video, I have found this method easier to remember and follow:

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How To Make An Origami Cherry Blossom Tree With Willow Branches

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