Easy Origami Napkin Swan Tutorial via @paper_kawaiiEasy Origami Napkin Swan Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

Learn how to make a beautiful swan using a paper or cloth napkin! This pretty origami swan will not flop over like the others! You can fold this swan with friends at the dinner table, make a whole family of paper swans!

I love these little napkin swans, they are a fun thing to teach at when you meet people at restaurants and cafes.

What I always had trouble with is getting them to actually stand up (or sit up) – the neck of the swan would always flop forward or the body would collapse. By creating a ‘tail’ at the back, it will stay upright. ? Maybe when using stiff cloth napkins or higher quality paper napkins, this isn’t a problem! ?

You can also make a duck this way, just fold the neck to be shorter.
The head can be a little annoying, my napkin became pretty thick at that point. You can always give it a simple head – like an origami crane.

I spent a bit too long shaping the tail, I think it looks better when the tail is all floofy. Like a real swan, they aren’t perfect! ? By the way, you can totally use paper to make this, the thinner the better, tissue paper will work great. ?

Design: Traditional
Level: ★★☆☆☆

You will need:

▸ 1 square napkin, cloth or paper. Paper will mean more layers for the tail!
I used a standard (and cheap) white paper napkin (2 ply).

Used: 16.5 x 16.5 (folded, how it came in the packet).
Final size: 11 x 9 cm.

? A Photo Tutorial is available on the Origami Photo Tutorials page.

Easy Origami Napkin Swan Tutorial via @paper_kawaiiEasy Origami Napkin Swan Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

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