Origami Crane and Variations

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This photo is by Βethan on Flickr

The Traditional Origami Crane.

origami crane tutorial paper kawaii 03

It has been folded for hundreds of years, it was considered a symbol of peace after the second world war, and there is a legend that if you can fold 1000, you will be granted a wish.

Video Tutorial here – Photo Tutorial here.

Origami Crane Box

crane box 2

I need some more information about this model, it looks really good, but I don’t know who it’s by.
So if you know, please leave me a comment!

Video here

Kotobukizuru Crane

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Also known as “Congratulations crane” and “Hiroshima Crane”.

It’s a modification of the traditional origami crane.

Video here

Photo by by origami_madness on Flickr

Wavy-Wing Origami Crane

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This unusual crane variation by Useful Origami. I think it’s really cute.

See the tutorial here (wayback archive).

Origami Flying Crane by Satoshi Kamiya

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Photo by Oridziq on Flikr.

Yes its pretty advanced.

Diagram download here

Origami Crane (Design by Eric Joisel)

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Photo by By Origamiancy

Video here

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11 years ago

Any ideas on how big the paper should be? I’m starting to run out of paper so I don’t really want to use to much :/ I going to get some more soon so would it be best to wait? x

11 years ago
Reply to  Amber

What for 1001 cranes?!? I can only make 2 or so before giving up… I like using average 6×6 inch paper, or create a square from A4 paper.


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