Learn how to fold a traditional origami crane or ‘tsuru’. This iconic origami crane is easy to make with one sheet of paper. These look great as hanging decorations or just as they are.

I always meant to do an origami crane tutorial, it’s pretty silly not to have one, especially seeing as the paper kawaii logo is – a crane!

The origami crane was a model that I always had trouble with, I could never make it look right. But each time I get new origami paper I make one, it’s a great model to test out how well the paper holds up.

I hope you like the tutorial, the paper I used is not a one I’d recommend but it’s good for seeing all of the creases.

If you’d prefer a photo tutorial, there is very clear one, available here.

Design: Traditional
Level: ★★☆☆☆

You will need:

▸ 1 sheet of square paper.

The blue and white patterned paper in the photo above is a printable origami paper, available here.

Check out my paper recommendations for more information on where I get my paper and also ideas and money saving tips.

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