Origami Verdi’s Vase Tutorial

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Learn how to make the traditional origami Verdi’s Vase model. Verdi’s vase is a Chinese origami design. It’s made from 1 sheet of square paper and has an interesting folding method.

The Origami Verdi’s Vase model is a traditional origami design that has gained popularity around the world due to its elegant and intricate appearance. While the vase is often associated with Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi due to its classical architecture-inspired design, it is actually a traditional Chinese model that has been folded for centuries.

Overall, the origami vase’s unique design and challenging folding technique have made it a classic in the origami world. Whether you’re a seasoned origami pro or a beginner looking for a challenge, the Origami Verdi’s Vase is a design that’s sure to impress and inspire.

I hadn’t folded this model in years, I really like the final expansion type method at the end. This model inspired the origami present box I posted here.

You have to be quite gentle with the paper, this model works best with large, thick paper, but any paper will work. I wonder if this origami vase can be folded in a way that doesn’t require the pulling out at the end. It may well be possible to avoid damaging the edges if that were the case.

Apparently you can also fold the inner points under and inside the vase for a different look too. I went on to make this origami plant pot, which is a modification of the Verdis vase.

Origami Verdi’s Vase

Design: Traditional
Level: ★★★☆☆

You will need:

‣ 1 sheet of square paper
Paper used: 21 x 21 cm thick textured paper

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You’re a genius

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