Origami Gem Box & Lid Tutorial & Diagram via @paper_kawaii

I have been fussing around with this origami box for ages, finally made the tutorial and also a diagram this time, hope you like it!

This origami gem box would make a super cute gift box for jewellery!

This diamond box model is my own design, after seeing a kind-of gem shaped box on youtube, I was determined to make one, it is really just a masu box, with a chunk missing.

The lid is the same design, but a bit simpler.. attaching it with the ‘hinge’ requires glue, but if you’re not a hardcore origami NO GLUE OR ELSE person than it looks really pretty!

The pink patterned paper is available as free printable origami paper here.

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UPDATE Nov 2017: I remade the tutorial here (doesn’t include the hinge)

Design: Paper Kawaii

Download the diagram:

Click here to view the diagram or right click and ‘save as’.

(please note: this diagram has been remade and will be included in an issue of my Learnigami ebooks.)

You will need:

2 square pieces of paper. Use any thickness you like!

1 is 3/4 the size of the other.

Say your bigger paper is 21 cm wide, the sum you can use is:
21 ÷ 4 = 5.25
5.25 x 3 = 15.75

Origami Gem Box & Lid Tutorial & Diagram via @paper_kawaii
Origami Gem Box & Lid Tutorial & Diagram via @paper_kawaii