Origami Gem Box - Long Version via @paper_kawaii

Learn how to make a long triangular origami box, a variation of the origami gem box, this one is long and thin, starting from a regular Masu box.

I hope you like the second version of the previous origami gem box I posted here.

This version starts the same way, except instead of making a Masu box in quarters, it is thirds and also the joining triangle is made differently.. this box is a little harder, but much sturdier and useful than the other!

Just like the other box, it would make a perfect gift box for jewellery and other small gifts, also would make a great Christmas tree decoration, you’d just have to knot a ribbon and poke it through one end.

The shape of this box is called an ‘elongated triangular bipyramid (or dipyramid)’ and is one of the ‘Johnson solids’, for those interested nerds out there, here’s a wiki.

Level: ★★★★☆

You will need:

– 3 sheets of square paper
ruler + pencil
glue (optional)

Size used: 20.9 x 20.9 cm
Final size of box: 14 x 5 cm ish

During the video at 1:59 I missed an instruction, it was meant to say: Measure the width here and divide by 3. (14.7 ÷ 3 = 4.9)

I would suggest using thicker paper for this one, or make a smaller one with thinner paper.

Designer: paperkawaii (me)

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