Origami Icing / Whipped Cream Instructions

origami whipped cream 02

Learn how to make a cute little origami icing swirl or whipped cream to go on your origami cakes and other things. It could also be used on a flat origami ice-cream cone.

This is basically a twisted and curled water bomb base. I made these to decorate the cake slice boxes, but you can us them for anything. I am going to be making an ice-cream cone for these at some point.

Level: ★★☆☆☆

You will need:

1 sheet of square paper – I used 15 x 15 cm.

Use about 5 x 5 cm if you’re making this for the cake slice box.

For the fuller cream(white one in the photos), use 2 sheets, and make two, and stick them together, I show it in the video.

origami whipped cream 03
origami cake slice tutorial 05

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milo goat
milo goat
1 year ago

hi chrissy, i love your website and i use it for most of my origami creations! i just have one thing that i find a bit frustrating: in your videos, when you use origami paper that is the same colour on both sides, you usually don’t tell us what colour side to start with if we’re using double coloured paper. i often end up winging it and i have a lot of origami that is the wrong colour which i find very annoying. i either just let it be the wrong colour or i have to undo it and start again.
please mention what colour to start with for your tutorials!! it would save me wasting a lot of precious papers and make your tutorials clearer with the instructions.
thank you!

7 years ago

What is that flower like thing on one of your cakes? It looks amazing, and i was wondering if you can show a
tutorial, or if you made a tutorial already, can you plz give me the link or something.

Briana Wicce (also known as Nemeton Kieran ;) )
Briana Wicce (also known as Nemeton Kieran ;) )
7 years ago

Very easy and useful! I’m already thinking of using as finishing and mobiles … Thank you for teaching, your dedication is wonderful!

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