Origami Rectangular Envelope Box Tutorial

Origami Rectangular Envelope Box Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a useful rectangular origami box.

This box has a cute envelope/letter effect on the inside of the box! Makes a great gift box, you can customise the size really easily.

Difficulty ★★☆☆☆

You will need:

Start with any size square paper, I used 21 x 21 cm.

For the Lid, when folding at 1:50 fold about 1-2mm less.

A Photo Tutorial is available on the Origami Photo Tutorials page.

Origami Rectangular Envelope Box Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

Click here to learn how to make the square origami box.

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3 years ago

Hi there! Just discovered your site and am thoroughly amazed! Thank you for the great videos. Regarding this long envelope box, it says “customise the size really easy,” but I don’t see a conversion ratio. Are you able to post how to customize the size, please? (The size box I was trying to make right now is just shy of 6″ x 3″ (15 x 7.5 cm?) Thoughts? Thanks!

hope Mackay
hope Mackay
6 years ago

Love your clear instructions . Great vid

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