New Kawasaki Rose



Here is a new kawasaki rose, I gave the first one away, so I thought I’d make another.

I used annoying stiff red ribbed papery card stuff. Terrible to fold with, but good quality.

It is basically 3 Kawasaki roses within each other, you can see a tutorial and diagram on my previous post:

Origami Kawasaki Roses

Origami Kawasaki Roses

I would really like to learn a stem and leaf for them. And I would also like to try with felt..!



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  • Stuart says:

    Did you just make three kawasaki roses and put them in each other or is this a separate version? I’m really interested in making this model but I don’t know where to start. I can’t find your previous post with the tutorial. Any help?

  • Brandon Overton says:

    You can make a better one, use colored copy paper, it is easier to fold, contact me and i will send you a pic of some really nice layered roses

  • Giu says:

    Hi! Did you receive my email? I hope it helped you! xx

    • Hi, sorry I didn’t reply, I did receive it, I haven’t had a chance to try the rose again yet. I hopefully will soon, and I’ll post it up if I finally get it right

  • Giu says:

    Hi, I have to say that your roses are beautiful!
    I learnt how to fold the calix and leaf from a blog called “dream your wonders”. If you google it, is the first result I think.
    The only bad that the calix has 4 sepals instead of 5 like the real one.but it’s a very nice model.
    But the leafs are perfect!
    I hope it helps you!

    • Thanks for the tip! I think I saw that before and have it bookmarked too, right now I am going crazy trying to figure out the kawasaki rose number 2, which is more advanced. I just can’t do it…!
      Thanks for commenting XXX

      • Giu says:

        What do you mean by kawasaki rose 2?
        I’ve search it on origami data base and I couldn’t find it.
        If you mean “the new kawasaki rose”. To me is so much easier than the first version.
        If you want I can send you some videos from youtube and a diagram that will make it sooo easy.

        • Yes sorry, it is the new one.
          Really, I have tried it 30 + times, I cannot close the bottom, its driving me crazy, I would be really grateful for any help ^_^
          My email is

          • Michelle says:

            Agree! Ever since I can’t close the bottom, I used tape, though it won’t be pretty :\ I also thought that if I give it to a person as a gift and the bottom opened…it would be troublesome…