New Kawasaki Rose



Here is a new kawasaki rose, I gave the first one away, so I thought I’d make another.

I used annoying stiff red ribbed papery card stuff. Terrible to fold with, but good quality.

It is basically 3 Kawasaki roses within each other, you can see a tutorial and diagram on my previous post:

Origami Kawasaki Roses

Origami Kawasaki Roses

I would really like to learn a stem and leaf for them. And I would also like to try with felt..!



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13 thoughts on “New Kawasaki Rose”

  1. Emily says:

    Just found this post after using your video to fold my first Kawasaki rose, how different in size are the roses so they fit inside each other? Just wondering what sort of sized papers to use so it stacks as beautifully as yours 🙂

    1. ChrissyPk says:

      Wow that was so long ago that I did that! I think they were something like, 20 x 20 cm and then 15 x 15 cm and then 10 x 10. You might need to experiment!

    2. Wow that was so long ago that I did that! I think they were something like, 20 x 20 cm and then 15 x 15 cm and then 10 x 10. You might need to experiment!

  2. Stuart says:

    Did you just make three kawasaki roses and put them in each other or is this a separate version? I’m really interested in making this model but I don’t know where to start. I can’t find your previous post with the tutorial. Any help?

    1. Hi Stuart, yes they are just 3 inside each other. You can find a decent tutorial . 🙂

  3. Brandon Overton says:

    You can make a better one, use colored copy paper, it is easier to fold, contact me and i will send you a pic of some really nice layered roses

  4. Giu says:

    Hi! Did you receive my email? I hope it helped you! xx

    1. Hi, sorry I didn’t reply, I did receive it, I haven’t had a chance to try the rose again yet. I hopefully will soon, and I’ll post it up if I finally get it right 😀

  5. Giu says:

    Hi, I have to say that your roses are beautiful!
    I learnt how to fold the calix and leaf from a blog called “dream your wonders”. If you google it, is the first result I think.
    The only bad that the calix has 4 sepals instead of 5 like the real one.but it’s a very nice model.
    But the leafs are perfect!
    I hope it helps you!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I think I saw that before and have it bookmarked too, right now I am going crazy trying to figure out the kawasaki rose number 2, which is more advanced. I just can’t do it…!
      Thanks for commenting XXX

      1. Giu says:

        What do you mean by kawasaki rose 2?
        I’ve search it on origami data base and I couldn’t find it.
        If you mean “the new kawasaki rose”. To me is so much easier than the first version.
        If you want I can send you some videos from youtube and a diagram that will make it sooo easy.

        1. Yes sorry, it is the new one.
          Really, I have tried it 30 + times, I cannot close the bottom, its driving me crazy, I would be really grateful for any help ^_^
          My email is

          1. Michelle says:

            Agree! Ever since I can’t close the bottom, I used tape, though it won’t be pretty :\ I also thought that if I give it to a person as a gift and the bottom opened…it would be troublesome…

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