Hanging Origami Bat for Halloween! via @paper_kawaii

Learn how to fold cute hanging origami bat for Halloween!

You’ll need 1 piece of black or dark paper for this straight forward origami model 🙂

Difficulty ★★★☆☆ DESIGNED by Toyoko Uemori

You will need:

Square paper, I used 21cm x 21cm

For a cute bat use 15cm x 15cm. The shiny bat in the first photo is thicker craft paper with a rough texture.

You could punch a hole through or glue on some thread to the tail for a cute Halloween display.

Hanging Origami Bat for Halloween! via @paper_kawaii

Hanging Origami Bat for Halloween! via @paper_kawaii

My family of origami bats hanging out..

Designer: Toyoko Uemori

Youth by Electus

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