Modular Origami Bookcase - Video Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

Learn how to make a modular origami bookcase to go with the books I made in my previous tutorial. Paper size: 1 x 34cm x 17cm, 1x 17cm x 17cm.

Use thicker paper for a sturdy bookcase!

You may want to use some glue but it’s not necessary.

Fits books made from 15cm x 15cm paper.

You can make it for any size book, just add 2 or so cm to the size you used and the outer box is double. So for a book made from 20cm square paper it would be 22cm x 22cm and 22cm x 44cm.

In the video I mention few times ‘1mm from centre’ well 1mm is really just an estimate, I didn’t measure it while I was folding.. so it’s not exact!

Watch the mini book tutorial video here

If you need some help I am happy to give it if I can!

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