This tutorial will teach you how to make a modular origami frame that is rectangular. It will fit a standard photo size or make one for your own size. No glue or cutting is required.

This version of my original origami frame, is rectangular instead of square.

The method is exactly the same except we use some rectangular paper for the longer edges.

If someone needs a specific sized frame, comment below and I’ll try and work it out. I will also add the method of which to work out the sizes you need once my brain fog has cleared…

For more origami frames including non modular versions, check out my origami frames category here.

These frames work the best when using thick paper or card, even thick card-stock.
If using thin paper, take note of the alternative method at 9:47 – basically, tuck the lower flap over the top instead of under. For some reason it works better.

And you may have guessed but you can use 4 sheets of square paper to get a square frame!

Design: © Paper Kawaii Copyright Information
Level: ★★☆☆☆

You will need:

  • 4 sheets of paper cut to specific size:
  • 2 sheets of 23.5 x 18.1 cm
  • 2 sheets of 18.1 x 18.1 cm

If you’re just wanting a rectangular frame, and not a specific size, use two sheets of square paper and two sheets of rectangular paper.  Make sure two edges of the rectangular paper are the same size as the square sheet.