Origami Flowers by LaFosse & Alexander – Book Review


LaFosse & Alexander’s Origami Flowers

“Lifelike Paper Flowers to Brighten Up Your Life”

Published by: Tuttle
ISBN 978-0-8048-4312-6
Price: $30 USD

About the Authors:

Richard Alexander and Michael LaFosse have been teaching and exhibiting origami at their studio ‘Origamido’ in the USA since 1996. You can find out more by visiting their website, here.


Book Overview:


This 96 page book contains 20 origami models, consisting of flowers and leaves. The first 14 pages have information about using the book and the complementing DVD as well as the standard origami keys. This section includes an in-depth look at materials, techniques and tools you may need to create an origami flower display such as floral tape and wire.

The diagrams that follow are printed in full colour, with an introduction to the model at the start. Each step has a short but useful description. This book includes models predominately by Michael G. LaFosse with Richard Alexander. One model is by Kyoko Kondo and one is a traditional model, the Lily.

There is a nice balance of easy, intermediate and harder models in this book, with ‘Anne’s Orchid’ proving to be quite difficult for me. My favourite two flowers would have to be the ‘Modular Blossom’ and ‘A Rose For Irene’, which are featured in the photos below, along with the simplest origami model, the traditional Lily.


I would say this book is more suitable for beginners and intermediate folders. I have read numerous origami books and folded hundreds of flowers, so it was nice to see some original designs.

The quality of the book itself is pretty high, its a soft cover, but the simple stapled spine makes it easy to open the book without it flipping closed. The pages are modern satin, thin but sturdy. The colours and the photos are high quality and pretty. The size is about A5, which makes it easy to handle, and cute!

The kit contains 20 one sided 15 x 15 cm origami papers in red, green, purple and yellow, as well as 160 of the 7 x 7cm which include orange and pink. The quality of this paper is a good thin matte, with the colours being nice and vibrant.

You can play the DVD on your computer or in a DVD player, obviously. When you play the DVD there is a menu with options to play a specific tutorial for each model. The tutorial is narrated and very clear and easy to follow along, you will need to pause the video while folding, in order to keep up.

The origami ‘Modular Blossom’,  ‘A Rose For Irene’ and the traditional Lily.


The book comes in a robust box, which has a fitted cardboard insert containing the paper and DVD, which makes this Origami Kit a perfect gift for your friends that fold.

I was not paid for this review, this book was sent to me by Tuttle, to review and giveaway.

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