Origami Honeycomb Box Tutorial via @paper_kawaii
Origami Honeycomb Box Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

Learn how to make an origami honeycomb box. This 7 to 9 section, round origami organiser box is great to display items such as jewellery, stationery or makeup.

For this video tutorial, I decided to try using no music, just the sound of the paper being folded and some birds chirping now and then. Let me know which you prefer in the comments please, music or folding sounds.

Some have suggested using it as a spice box. Also thanks to those of you on Instagram, facebook and discord who gave me name suggestions! Honeycomb was suggested by multiple people.

This box is actually a combination of the last three tutorials; the Origami Hexagonal Box, Origami Octagonal Box and Origami Tray Dividers.

The inner boxes are made so that the color and design is on the inside rather than outside. If any of making the inner boxes was unclear in this video, check out the original ones first, might help.

This video took soooo long to make, not sure why, it was just really annoying actually… It has prevented me from continuing on with other models so I’m very happy it’s now done, even if… it probably won’t be that popular..

Note: if you want to make the round container for the plants, you don’t need to make the inner boxes… or the plant pots really. They just fit in the outer container. So you’d only need 2 sheets of rectangular paper.

Design: © Paper Kawaii Copyright Information
Level: ★★★★☆

You will need:

Outer box:
2 sheets of rectangular paper. I used A4 (21 x 29.6 cm) but you can use any size such as US Letter paper (printer paper). Best to use thickish paper.

Inner Hexagonal boxes:
1 sheet of square paper. If you used A4 the size is 15 x 15cm
(if using other sizes, divide the long edge of the rectangular paper by 2)

Inner Octagonal box:
1 sheet of rectangular paper the same size as the outer box.

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Origami Honeycomb Box Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

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Origami Honeycomb Box Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

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Origami Honeycomb Box Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

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Origami Honeycomb Box Tutorial via @paper_kawaii