2 Pikachu Origami Diagrams

Pikachu Kozasa Keiichi by yuhaje

EDIT 24th May 2012

Please see updated post with video tutorial:

Origami Pikachu Video Tutorial (Advanced)

This Awsome Pikachu Origami Model is by Kozasa Keiichi, image above is from yuhaje on Flickr.

I know some people are searching for this diagram… and I know how stupidly impossible hard  it is to get hold of the original book (Origami Tanteidan # 5).. so here it is, just the diagram. ^_^


So thats 7 pages, but I think worth the result. I will be doing this… Race you!

So #2 is a Model by Robert J. Lang, in the PDF it says this:


Any resemblance between this origami design and a

character from any irritating-sound-producing videogame,

overpriced trading card, or mind-numbing, poorly-animated

TV show, is purely coincidental.

So its not Pikachu… yeah right…

Yeah so heres the Diagram for this “Spenjurmunni” (Pffffft)

[box type=”download”]Download Spenjurmunni[/box]

It would be nice to hear from you how it went!

Has anyone else got anymore Pikachu Origami Diagrams??? ANYONE!?!?!?!

And dont forget theres a Really cute Pikachu in the Pokemon Origami Book Here.

Enjoy X


I tried the first model, here are some pics.


Not really as nice as the top one, but it was my first attempt

This is after step 57, when you have to open the model on each side and create a small square that ends with the above result.

This is what the folds look like inside.

Step 52-53 someone asked, is just folding the flap you just created, down in half…

I would like to make a video of this, it would be like the longest video ever, I thinkI should practice more first, otherwise it will be hands everywhere…

Bye for now.

Origami Pikachu Video Tutorial (Advanced)

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  • how to do the 78-83 the video wrong when doing it

    • Chrissy says:

      I ended up reverse folding the whole of the 2 bottom sections, I think, but I realise it may be wrong. It’s a weird diagram.

  • LarryManalo says:

    A video tutorial on the first one would help me, as well as the many others who need a little help, very much. x( For myself, I am stuck on 57-58 of the first model, while the second one was a pretty nice build! c:

    • paperkawaii1 says:

       @LarryManalo Sure thing, soon as I figure out how to do it too…

    • paperkawaii1 says:

       @LarryManalo I tried the first model yesterday, I did complete it, it’s pretty hard and the result was not as nice as the yellow one at the top, but I think I did it right, I will add a few images to the bottom of the main post

      • LarryManalo says:

         @paperkawaii1  Thank you for the edit, I think I will be able to finish now that I know what the folds and the finish look for that step really look like! :3

  • ParkerMcCormick says:

    Uhm…im stuck on 52-53…I dont know what happened. Haha…HELP! Or if you really feel like doing something helpful…maybe a simple YouTube guide video?! Please Its for my GF!

  • Stoker says:

    I’m suck on 57-58…. If anyone has any divine inspiration in the not-so-distant-future, give me a holler

  • lance says:

    stuck at page 4. HELP PLEASE!

  • Ben says:

    DEFINITELY need a video tutorial… Or being able to read Japanese might help haha… Can’t for the life of my work out how to go from 18 to 19…

    • lance says:

      18-19? here. the 18th step is a rabbit ear fold. the broken lines form a 3d triangle without sides. through, 19 is after rabbit ear folding,you”ll have to pull out the sides. btw, im advancing the steps you don’t understand to step 28(the end of the page).20,petal fold. 21,fold down the top to divided layers. 22,after folding the two divided layers down, fold the angle b-sector(or kite fold) just make sure its same as in the diagram. 23, at the right layer(2nd layer),fold bottom to center. 24,agian, at the right side,angle b-sector.(execpt the left side.)step 25, fold the point of the right where you’ll find the intersection. 26,fold at back. then repeat at the left side. open each flap, using existing creases, use them to ren-force the creases then close each flap when done squash folding.

  • Sammi says:

    i am making the first one for someones christmas gift but i am stuck and cant understand 17-19

  • Jadey says:

    I got WAY stuck on page 3…. am sitting with a pile of yellow paper fails >_<

  • ifah says:

    i love it so cool

  • Amber says:

    @.@ I need to make them. Now. x

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