Origami Hearts

origami valentines heart ribbon

Origami Hearts!!! Did I just have an original idea? Maybe maybe not..! This is a Pocket heart from the book: Francis Ow’s Book ‘Origami Hearts’. And I did a bow from:

postfiles6.naver .net  263x108
Origami Ribbon Bow Tutorial

And then stuck it on. Easy…! There is also a pocket in the back for a love note or whatever floats yer boat!

It might be really cute to make a bigger heart, with a smaller bow. Let me know what you think.

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origami valentines hearts

So I thought I’d do a post about as many heart origamis that I could find.

The ones above are pretty and very popular for Valentines day.

Eatdrickchic.com has a wonderful template for a card that you can personalised based on the Decorative Money Origami Heart by Home Made Gifts Made Easy

origami heart 04

btn origami heart note

These are really good, made in white or a non pink color would be good to give to a Man (or boy hahaha) who doesn’t like Pink!!!

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origami valentines hearts2

I made this one using a tutorial I found on Deviantart by pandacub143

Origami Winged Heart Tut by pandacub143

Origami Winged Heart Tutorial

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These are really cute from Forty Weeks

hearts all

Click the image above to see the post.

These are also just really cool no matter what day it is!

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This is an origami heart with a pocket… its really simple but I think its underated.

Click the image to see the post.

The tutorial is by Curbly.com

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My previous posts about hearts:

317244020 5e9a2eb5b2 m 240x108

Kawaii Origami: How to fold 2 types of 3D Hearts

To be continued <3

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  • makayla davis-smith

    how do you make it

  • Amber

    Oh kawaii! All these hearts are so cute! I can’t stop making them! x ^.^

  • http://www.cute.com Kate

    This is a really useful post, Thanks!I did the wings one for my bf! 

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii

      Oh good! I hope he liked it! X