Pop up Valentines Card template I ♥ U - Paper Kawaii

Pop up Valentines Card template I ♥ U


Pop up Valentines Card template I ♥ U

After the popularity of the post I made 2 years ago on this card, I have made a simple template to print and cut out.

Please note, this design is by sjrenoir.com I do not claim any credit for the design, I have simply created an outline, using an image that she shows on her site.

I have not been able to contact the person who made the original design, and I do not speak Korean.

So no bad intentions from me. Just a lot of complaints from people not being able to make this for them selves!!!

Ok, so onto the card, this is what the template will look like printed out.

You need to set the printer to ‘do not crop’ or ‘stretch to fit’.

Plain white paper will do, although thin card would be the best.

Pop up Valentines Card template I ♥ U

solid line = CUT

dashed line = FOLD

You’ll need to use a cutting knife & board. And preferably a ruler.

For the outer (red) card, you will need some a4 (or letter) paper or card.

Due to the differences in printers and paper sizes, I cannot give you a definite measurement for that. Basically just get some rectangular red card and, leaving a gap, stick the inner cutout onto it.

Then fold the red card along where the inner part folds… basically lining them up. Really easy, honest. Then cut off the excess.

I have made a version with slightly fainter lines, for those who absolutely don’t want the lines to show after cutting.

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