Pop up Valentines Card template I ♥ U

This valentines day pop up card tutorial is from Tweety Atelier its in Korean.

Pop up Valentines Card template I ♥ U | #origami #paperkawaii #diy #paperfolding #cute #kawaii

Here is mine..

Pop up Valentines Card template I ♥ U | #origami #paperkawaii #diy #paperfolding #cute #kawaii

solid line = CUT
dashed line = FOLD

You’ll need to use a cutting knife & board. And preferably a ruler.

For the outer (red) card, you will need some a4 (or letter) paper or card.

Due to the differences in printers and paper sizes, I cannot give you a definite measurement for that. Basically just get some rectangular red card and, leaving a gap, stick the inner cutout onto it.

Then fold the red card along where the inner part folds… basically lining them up. Really easy, honest. Then cut off the excess.

I have made a version with slightly fainter lines, for those who absolutely don’t want the lines to show after cutting.

How did yours turn out? Let me know in the comments Pop up Valentines Card template I ♥ U | #origami #paperkawaii #diy #paperfolding #cute #kawaii

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Pop up Valentines Card template I ♥ U | #origami #paperkawaii #diy #paperfolding #cute #kawaii

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  • Suzy

    Thank you – for the template, and for the fainter-line version!

  • Noushin

    What a lovely place you have here!! I’m definitely gonna try lots of your tutorials! x

  • http://callmegoagain.blogspot.com andre

    and i see the kirigami is so beautifull and can be “learned” thanks :)

  • LauraLuvsYourBlog


  • http://kawaiitoshi.blogspot.com/ kayla

    Hey, do you have a banner I could put on my site that will go to yours? I’m putting links to sites I like and I’d like to put a banner.

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii – Chrissy

      Hi! Yes of course


      You should be able to right click and save that.

      If you’d like to list your site at Kawaii Freak, which is another website that I run, it is a cute website directory, please feel free.



  • http://icosnap.com/ Jam Icosnap (@icoSnap)

    Definitely a great idea for this upcoming Valentines day. Need to start making my cards too.

  • Sarah M

    YAY! Thanks so much, I have wanted to make one of these for ages! The template waz perfect it looks wickid! xoxox

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