Spooky Halloween Origami 2015


This is the last Halloween Origami post this year I promise! This year I have been so slack, and haven’t created any new models this time..!
So instead of ignoring Halloween all together I thought I’d spookify a few of my previous origami models!

Death Note Origami Book Video Instructions


Learn how to make your very own Death Note book – the notebook from the popular Anime series ‘Death Note’.
There are two sizes to choose from, large or mini size :)

4 Cute Halloween Origami Models!


Here are 4ย different Halloween origami instructions! These simple origami models would make great decorations at your Halloween party or hang them around your house to make it more festive ๐Ÿ˜€

Cute Halloween Printable Origami Paper


Make your Halloween paper craft and origami projects extra spooky with this Halloween pattern which includes cats, bats, pumpkins and moons in a random arrangement.

Pumpkin Pattern – Free Printable Origami Paper


Make some Halloween gift boxes with this free printable origami paper, it comes in 4 versions, orange pumpkins, black pumpkins, white pumpkins and outlined pumpkins!

Origami Pumpkin Bag Video Instructions


Learn how to make a cute origami pumpkin bag with these easy to follow step by step video instructions! You can draw on a scary face or use black washi tape and cut out a face to stick on, as well as secure the bag at the top.

Origami Heart Box Video Instructions


Learn how to make a pretty origami heart box! This origami box has a concealed lid, it would make the perfect gift box at Valentines or birthdays for a loved one ๐Ÿ˜€

Origami Star of the Four Seasons Instructions


Learn how to fold 4 modular origami stars based on the same starting folds, inspired by the four seasons!

Origami Gatefold Box Instructions


Learn how to make a cool origami gatefold box, or lock box, with these easy to follow video instructions, it’s similar to the modular hinged box I posted a few weeks ago, but this uses just one sheet for the box.

20 Easy Origami Photo Tutorials at About.com


Here are 20 easy origami photo tutorials! Follow simple step by step instructions to make pretty traditional origami boxes, boats, fish, ice-cream and more!

Origami Paper Storage Pocket Instructions


Here are instructions to make a simple origami paper storage pocket from one sheet of rectangular paper. Use as CD sleeve, party invitations or envelopes!