Origami Masu Box Star Variation Tutorial


Learn how to make a star variation of the origami masu box. Instead of folding the flaps in at the end, they are folded back out. A pretty easy box to make.

How to make an Origami Paperclip

Origami Paperclips Tutorial

Learn how to make an origami paperclip! These actually work so you can use these little paper clips or use them as bookmarks too.

Square Origami Tray / Table Caddy Tutorial


Learn how to make a square origami tray, table caddy or toolbox! Use this to keep things neat on your desk, or display jewellery, stationary, pens & more.

Origami Toolbox or Long Tray Tutorial

Origami Toolbox Tutorial - Paper Kawaii

Learn how to make an origami toolbox or tray, use this to keep things neat on your desk & you can pick it up by the handle. Made from 1 sheet of paper.

Origami Flower Bowl Tutorial


Learn how to make a pretty origami flower bowl, dish or plate, you can customise the base of this bowl, to make it wider at the bottom, it’s great to display jewellery, nicknacks or serve candies & snacks.

Tall Origami Drawers – Tutorial


Learn how to make some tall origami drawers. These cute little pull-out drawers can sit on your desk and the thin shape of the drawers makes them useful to organise business cards, post-it notes, makeup and jewellery!

Origami Chest of Drawers Tutorial

origami rainbow drawers - PaperKawaii

Learn how to make a cute & useful origami chest of drawers, you can make as many as you like & they will slot together. These actually make a great gift boxes if you have more than one thing to give!

Origami Wallet Instructions – 2 Versions


Learn how to make an origami wallet! There are two different versions, they can fit notes inside and have a total of six pockets!
This origami wallet only takes a few minutes to make, you could also use this as a document folder, to keep receipts or other papers.

Origami Candy Box – Opening Version Tutorial


Learn how to make a pretty origami candy box! The ends of this cute box slot together, making a lovely origami gift box. This origami box would make a great gift box for jewellery.

Origami Snail Tutorial & Quick Overview of ‘The Origami Garden’ by Ioana Stoian


In this tutorial you will learn how to make a cute little origami snail designed by Eric Gjerde, which is featured in Ioana Stoian’s book ‘The Origami Garden’. This snail is folded with 1 sheet of square paper.

Origami Photo Tutorials – April 2016


Here are 8 origami photo tutorials from April 2016 at About.com Origami. This months tutorials are all traditional models, and range from easy to intermediate in difficulty.

Square Origami Candy Box Instructions

Square origami candy boxes! Paper Kawaii

How to make a square origami candy box with a lid inside, there’s different ways to finish this pretty gift box, use as party or wedding favour boxes!

Easy Origami Candy Box Instructions

Easy Origami Candy Box Instructions

Learn how to make an easy origami candy box from 1 sheet of square paper, and you can also make a little box to fit inside! This is a really fun and cute origami sweet, I hope you like it!