Triangular Origami Box (Non modular) Video tutorial

triangular origami box non modular video tutorial

Hey guys!

I finally got to use the beautiful paper that Asking For Trouble had sent me!

The paper is adorable, so cute and really unique.

Please check out the store, here.

This (3 sided) triangular origami box is made using one piece of paper for the lid, and one piece for the base.

I used 6×6 inch paper for the box and lid, the inserts are 3×3 inches.

I’m so sorry about the lighting and sound, I am still too scared to speak in my videos, maybe one day, and when I don’t have a cold….

Hope you enjoy, please let me know how you get on!

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  • conpanbear

    There seems to be some people wanting more explanation, so I made written instructions with illustrations. The pdf file is 20Mb, I don’t know how to make it smaller (maybe someone knows how to compress these things?) but help yourselves 😀

  • Marsya Dewani

    Hey,Crissy!nice video tutorial :D!This video tutorial would be better if you explain! -Marsya

  • hellokittyisfabulous

    Great tutorial! It’s funny, I can’t do an easy tutorial (clover) but I can do an advanced one.

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